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about me

a few words from me to you, so you can learn about the artist behind the images.

Aahhh…the “about me” section.  In short, I’m Montana raised, I love my family, laughing, and books, I have the best dog in the world, my horses bring my soul so much peace, and photography is my chance to show people the world through my eyes. 

You’re still reading?  Ok.  I suppose I can elaborate.


My best guess is that you’re reading to find out how I got where I am today.  I graduated from MSU-Northern with a four-year agriculture degree.  (Yes, you read that right- agriculture technology, to be specific.)  I worked in agronomy right out of college while I built my photography business from the ground up.  Holy smokes, that was a long haul! I’ve been full time with my photography since October of 2016, and friends, I’ve never looked back!  I had a LOT of live and learn moments (don’t we all?), but I am so lucky to be able to say that I love what I do. 

I truly believe that photography is all about showing people the world the way you see it.  To do that well as a photographer, you have to find the beauty in everything around you.  When you look at life from that perspective, it’s something of an epiphany.  My photography reflects the world the way I truly see it.  I do not use PhotoShop, and I don’t work in the world of “digital art.”  I genuinely believe that the world around me is amazing, and I don’t want to impose my idea of reality over the real thing.  Life is vibrant and beautiful, and I love capturing the reality of the moment.

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